Story of a Dress

In the fall-winter 14/15 season PODOLYAN has launched a new international project – “Story of a Dress by PODOLYAN”.
The main object of the project is to tell about women of art, media and fashion industries, about their career path and inwardness, which helped them to become a self-sufficient persons. The project includes a photo shooting and character’s short stories, personally telling about their jobs and inspiration. Every story presents a PODOLYAN look on the sufficient and elegant woman, who carefully keeps little secrets of her wardrobe and image creating ritual. Photo shooting passes in the atmosphere familiar to the character. Girls are choosing dress from PODOLYAN for the occasion and sharing with their success stories, lived in the brand-made image.



Well-known PODOLYAN dresses continue their travelling along famous cities all over the world. Kiev have become the next destination, where Story of a Dress project couldn’t do not stay for a long time.

The main point of the PODOLYAN project dedicated to dresses is that Ukrainian brand telling the story about the ladies, different with their inner force and energy, and about their wardrobe. The main characters, chosen by PODOLYAN tell about their every-day dresses, and the dresses following by them in travelling, at work and parties and try on models of Vladimir Podolyan autumn-winter collection.

Jamala, Tatyana Solovey, Kateryna Babkina, Yana Buchko, Olga Sushko, Iryna Savchenko Yulia MacGaffi, all of them have taken part in the project.

Each of the girls like the living implementation of the brand philosophy: independent, active, strong and of course elegant.


“LOL” project by PODOLYAN & Dmitry Vorsin