Story of a Dress: Yulia MacGaffi

“True woman should be real”

The character of the Story of a Dress by PODOLYAN has become an independent media-consultant and journalist Yulia MacGaffi, who told her story about successes, strength and about dresses.

It must be said that talking with Yulia about dresses was not so easy, as the girl rarely thinks about the other’s view on her. “I have no specific wishes about this” – MacGaffi says. Of course, it’s only about visual perception. Follow her words, people intuitively conceive Yulia as appropriate person, who has done something good in her life, has achieved goals and is always ready to help, listen and give some advice.

This summer is marked as 20 years since Yulia has started her professional way and this period of time is essential for her. “Job is one of the most important passion in my life. And I’m really lucky in it. I’m proud of my professional achievement.”

From the childhood Yulia was dreaming about influence on hearts and minds that should be in every journalist. When she was fourteen years old this profession contained danger as many materials couldn’t be published due to ideological reasons. Yulia was fascinating about this. “I saw the influence of this on people, and I extremely desired on the other side of newspaper.”

When talking about true woman, Yulia never limits her by visual characteristics. “True woman in my view is firstly wise person who can listen to others and in occasional situations can accept a compromise. And is not irritable like parrot” – says MacGaffi.

According to Yulia, true woman should be beautiful in her way of being, do not have vulgarity and scare of grow old. “Vulgarity crosses out the beauty. True woman should be real. And also she should read a lot of useful books!”

Clothes PODOLYAN fall-winter 14/15
Designer Vladymyr Podolyan
Produced by Dariia Mingaraieva
Directed by Yevgeniy Timokhin
Photo by Olga Kushyk
Post-production Maksym Seleznov
Hair Sergey Shapochka and Darina Kocherzenko
Make-up Olga Drobotova

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