About us

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PODOLYAN brand developed its view on femininity during its existence due to views, experience and observations made by brand’s leader – designer Vladymyr Podolyan.

From season to season Vladymyr Podolyan’s goal is to creates and develop the shapes of the pieces inside collection which he reaches working with combinations of textures, simple colour palettes and drapery.

Black colour, pieces that can be transformed, dress, as a woman’s fetish remains true in every collection created under the brand PODOLYAN.

The most important message that has every collection is that the look is developed through the collection as long as an image of women that inspires designer. She always acts with dignity, she becomes even wiser with every step she makes and every decision she takes, she is sexy because of the glowing mystery she is caring inside.



PODOLYAN’s general partner
Scottish House-Restaurant “Whisky Corner”
16/16 Sofievskaya Street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001
Ph +38 044 2790215