Story of a Dress: Jamala

“First of all I want them to see me as a Human”

Famous Ukrainian singer Jamala becomes a character of Story of a Dress by PODOLYAN project. She told about her happiness, inconsistency and about how important and difficult to be a Human.

Jamala is sure that she’ve never chosen her profession, it happened out off her witting by some call of destiny. “I knew from the childhood that music would be my whole life.” The singer feels like a happy woman, and this happiness for her means to do favorite job and to be in the endless progress, she is not surrounded by limits or frameworks. “I have a verity of the music and genres in my life – today I’m singing with Opera theatre orchestra, tomorrow, taking part in Jazz Festival, and the next day having a recital concert, where I’m singing my author’s music, joined by the fans” – the singer telling about her job turned into her passion.

Due to Jamala’s belief, It’s easy to guess, that the main thing making the girl strong and self-sufficient is her favorite job. “She might be a lawyer, or talented manager, or business owner. But the most important point is she loves her business and devotes all her time for it. She feels harmony in her profession, not a disbalance or depression” – the singer says. “And, of course, love fulfill such live.”

Jamala judges herself like a controversial, both strong and weak person, understanding people, but the same time simple and open, indeed with her worries “All these get along with me” – and seems, Jamala doesn’t realize how. Despite her devotion to the job, she fully realizes that everything could be changed, and tomorrow she might not be famous. “That’s why I wish people to see me as a Human, who tries to be kind and world-hearted every day, helping others and not being egoistic”- says Jamala trying to achieve that dream.

Clothes PODOLYAN fall-winter 14/15
Designer Vladymyr Podolyan
Produced by Dariia Mingaraieva
Directed by Yevgeniy Timokhin
Photo by Olga Kushyk
Post-production Maksym Seleznov
Hair Sergey Shapochka and Darina Kocherzenko
Make-up Olga Drobotova

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