“LOL” project by PODOLYAN & Dmitry Vorsin

«Lots of laughs» — this common phrase captures the essence of the PODOLYAN capsule t-shirt collection launched by Vladimir Podolyan. The t-shirts feature works by renowned artist Dmitry Vorsin. LOL is a familiar abbreviation among the young and socially-networked, who have a light-hearted attitude to life. The t-shirt collection is a unique collaboration of artists who are poking fun at the seriousness of contemporary society. The t-shirts grab your attention with provocative prints, a not-so-subtle sexual subtext, and with a sense of humor. Even when transferred to fabric, the prints render the fine detail and fleeting shades of Dmitry Vorsin’s graphics.

With lots of love and laughs, PODOLYAN & Dmitry Vorsin.

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