Story of a Dress: Iryna Savchenko

“What it means to be the loved woman”

Iryna Savchenko, a co-owner of Scottish House-Restaurant WHISKY CORNER, become a character of Story of a Dress project by PODOLYAN.

As it happens usually, Irina being a successful caterer today, never has thought that life would connect her with such kind of business. “I got scholar and teacher education, but it turned out that now I am involved in the restaurant business. I think it’s pretty natural, as I adore cooking, feeding others, especially my family and close guests.” Interpreters work experience is also very important. According to Irina, it disciplines, helps to organize the team and, above all, to understand the employees, their motives and needs.

Certainly caterer job is connected with creative processes along with organizational aspects. Most of all Iryna likes to create a new courses and recipes and there are several positions created by her author’s recipe in the WHISKY CORNER menu. “Without doubts, I love feedback from the visitors who like my work – it cant’s admire.” And moreover Irina’s lucky with her colleagues, as the second restaurant co-owner is her husband. “Being the loved woman means always get inspiration from your husband. I’m lucky – because I have it” – says Iryna.

Clothes PODOLYAN fall-winter 14/15
Designer Vladymyr Podolyan
Produced by Dariia Mingaraieva
Directed by Yevgeniy Timokhin
Photo by Olga Kushyk
Post-production Maksym Seleznov
Hair Sergey Shapochka and Darina Kocherzenko
Make-up Olga Drobotova

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