Story of a Dress: London

Model, designer and blogger Anna June.

Anna June – is a girl from Moscow who has moved to London just four years ago and consider this city as her home. The story of her moving is connected first of all with her kind of activity: Anna is a model, and, before finally settled in London, she has got a great working experience in European and Asia countries. “When I was sixteen or seventeen years old, my friend photographer, invited me on exhibition of famous English photographer Rankin – remember Anna – that evening I couldn’t imagine that in few years I would stand in front of his camera shooting for his personal book, and later for Harrods.”

Model work in London, due to Anna’s words, is significantly different from other shootings, because there you’re not an employee, you’re a significant part of the team, and attitude to you, respectively, is quite different. After working as a model and constantly staying in a creative environment, Anna couldn’t bend of creating her own business. And finally her choice fell on jewelry design with using gemstones and different minerals. “One day I’ve seen I photo of giant amethyst and was amazed with his cosmic beauty. I started to look for information on the Internet, read a lot about stone’s properties and decided to try. I’d done several pendants with different semiprecious stones, made photos and shared in my personal blog with proposition to buy. To be honest I didn’t not expect that even one item could be bought, but in the morning I realized that everything was sold out.”

Of course, if you live in London, place of birth a plenty sub-cultures and styles, your own style cannot stay the same. “Thanks to the countless vintage shops and open-minded English people, I had possibility to dress up enough. My style has become much simpler” – tells Anna. Among the latest passions of Anna June are hats: “My favorite black Borsalino I wear almost every day” – the girl is smiling.

Clothes PODOLYAN fall-winter 14/15
Designer – Vladymyr Podolyan
Producer – Dariia Mingaraieva
Photo – Olga Kotovska
Retouch – Maksym Seleznov

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