Story of a Dress: Germany

Ukrainian photographer from Odessa Anna Daki talks about life, work and fashion in Berlin.

For a long period of time Anna Daki has been living in Germany and she doesn’t have a plan to return. Following her words, this country gives her all necessary for creative work. “I can say for sure: Germany is the country where I would like to live and work all my life – says Anna. After moving from Hamburg to Berlin, I realized that I would never leave this county.” Of course, at the beginning to find a job in the foreign country was not so easy, as work as a freelance-photographer in Germany is quite difficult. But Anna Daki hasn’t stopped because of high tax fee, or competition or specific Germany culture. She is sure that everything is possible, if make efforts and work hard.

After moving, Anna got an online fashion retailer job but realized shortly that working on own projects is much more comfortable for her. “Now I have a verity of clients, starting from small upcoming brands in Germany, Sweden and France to well-known companies such as Closed and Jil Sander. I also work with Grazia, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar magazines. What is my motivation? It’s me. I do my job only for myself with huge love input.” Workaholism by Anna Daki almost looks charming, because, even during her vacation, she always takes camera and makes a shooting in the new country. “I think my job is the best in the world – Anna says proudly. But, if fortune gave another direction, I could be a polo player.”

During this period in Berlin has been taking place a “Faces of Ukraine” exhibition with Anna’s photos presentation. “I’ve got an idea to organize such exhibition in April. At that period I’ve been planning to go to Odessa. While I was following news from my country in Germany, I couldn’t stay calm down and was very upset, and I wanted to draw the attention of young people for Ukrainian event’s.” The portraits of Ukrainians of different nationalities and religions have become the exhibition foundation. In whole, the project, according to its creator’s words, was the symbiosis of art and fashion with social motives. “I ensure myself to build the plans and to do everything possible for its realization. I believe in power on thoughts and possibility to achieve it all, if properly organize yourself” – says Anna Daki summarizing her main rules of life.

Clothes PODOLYAN fall-winter 14/15
Designer Vladymyr Podolyan
Produced by Dariia Mingaraieva
Photo by Aleksandra Kharchenko
Retouch Anna Daki

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