Story of a Dress: Kateryna Babkina

“The world is full of love”

The next central figure of the Story of a Dress by PODOLYAN project has become Kateryna Babkina, writer and editor of Esquire Ukraine.

Writing, for Kateryna Babkina, is a way of connection with the rest of the world, as essential and natural as others body functions. Her works, as poetry and prose, present the best coming after Ukrainian literature: sadness and tenderness, and sometimes necessary roughness throwing cold water on views of romantic people and giving faith for realists. Photo shooting team speaks about Kateryna as a girl with a very strong inwardness worth of care and which dedicated is hard to achieve.

“It’s good to be a writer. And also good to be a woman. But you do not choose neither the first nor the second – it’s given you from above. Sometimes you might doubt, but finally feel happy about your fate and gratitude” – Kateryna says about her two different but closly guises. Follow her words, for being a successful in the both guises, it’s important to be able to accumulate love and to return it back. Because there are so much love in the world and to collect it is not so difficult.

“I like everything about emotions: poems, stories, dreams, jewelry, traveling, dresses, heels, touching, whispering, storm, the plane landing, the candles lightning and thousands of such things.” By the same ephemeral way Kateryna changes her world: in her tables are love, lightness and feelings rather than successes and prestige. “It’s good to be the one who got into this circle of lightness, love and feeling of the world, and have become the writer, woman and successful person” – confesses the heroine.

Clothes PODOLYAN fall-winter 14/15
Designer Vladymyr Podolyan
Produced by Dariia Mingaraieva
Directed by Yevgeniy Timokhin
Photo by Olga Kushyk
Post-production Maksym Seleznov
Hair Sergey Shapochka and Darina Kocherzenko
Make-up Olga Drobotova

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