Story of a Dress: Anna Brazhenko

Next heroine of the project Story of a Dress by PODOLYAN is CEO of PODOLYAN brand – Anna Brazhenko.

Everyone who has known me since my childhood always noticed my affection to beautiful clothes and shoes of amazing quality. Since I was 14 I have been sharing wardrobe with my Mom. To me she is at the same time my best friend, example and great advisor.

I am that kind of person who loves to work a lot and enjoys active leisure time. Due to the fact that that I took 3 different courses of University at the same time, I have gained perfect organizational skills and understanding of each position in the team: starting with the dress cutter and finalizing with g make-up artist and hair dresser.

My work doesn’t give me any chance to relax and I am constantly learning some new skills, analyze, work on development strategy and write down all my ideas – generally speaking, I constantly keep my mind in tone.
I am taking active part in work on new collection. It’s a great pleasure for me that Vladymyr Podolyan respects my advices. While creating clothing all kinds of questions need to be considered: starting with sketches and finalizing with delivery of products to the stores.

From the first sight one may think that managing director of fashion brand is some kind of mysterious job but only here I realized full importance and responsibility of my position. Our team is like one big family. Even though I am one of the youngest people among the team I know that I am responsible for everyone.

Perfect female character is a happy woman because when we are happy we can move the mountains!

We thank Atelier 1 Concept Store for providing interior for photo shoot
Clothes PODOLYAN fall-winter 14/15
Designer Vladymyr Podolyan
Post-production Anton Kovalenko
Hair Anna Brazhenko
Make-up Anna Brazhenko

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