spring-summer 13


«Human beings, vegetables or cosmic dust – we all dance to a mysterious tune intoned in the distance by an invisible piper»
Albert Einstein

PODOLYAN S/S-2013 collection is dedicated to the boundless Universe and the cosmic Dust that everything comes from and everything turns into at the end. Having compressed the infinity to a day that lasts a lifetime, the designer opens the collection with daytime clothing sets of light, weightless, intricately cut dresses and tops in shimmering green and cold white. Flawlessly emphasizing your body, they will charge you with energy of light and youth. The all-absorbing darkness enveloping the Universe completes the collection, coming through in black raincoats, suits and dresses. Black is there to give security, a touch of mystery and evoke the sense of quiet and eternity. Details of the cut encoded in ray like pleats and circular appliqué accents symbolize infinity where every particle of is a part of a whole.

«To live a life in one day – what more can there be!» – designer welcomes you to live this day as if you were in a speed lane, casting aside prejudices and superstitions. Along with floor-length dresses PODOLYAN SS-2013 collection offers shorter hemlines which brand’s loyal clients will find refreshing. Fitted jackets and fragile transparent elements are balanced by sporty must – have bomber jackets.

And, at the end of the day, after all its moments converge, they start disappearing into the infinite Universe opening new horizons to those who dared go beyond the bounds of familiar. No need to question yourself about the meaning of life or reasons for it all. You probably already got a hunch about this. And if you trust this feeling, the meaning of life will dawn on you just as you dreamt it.

Catwalk during Ukrainian Fashion Week