fall-winter 13/14


PODOLYAN F/W 2013-14 collection was inspired by “The Blue Bird” – philosophical fairy play by Maurice Maeterlinck, a play that became one of the greatest contemporary examples of symbolism. Entertaining and nostalgic, lyrical and educational this play tells a story of two children in search of the Blue Bird – metaphor for happiness.

As in the tale, the story behind the collection is about believing in kindness and power of humanity, about overcoming yet unknown forces and resisting the laws of nature, fighting against human suffering. The Blue Bird does not hide in the dark Palace of Night, nor is it lost in The Dream Garden, it cannot be found in The Kingdom of the Future… Where The Blue Bird is, in fact, is right here – next to you and me – happily residing in simple moments of our daily lives.

Reality and fantasy are entangled in Podolyan’s collection. His clothing is simple, yet complex, multi-layered as if put together not by human will or hand, but through an act of magic.


    • The Soul of Light – gauzy pale-golden dress with silver palettes – this dress serves as a source of light. Modern grecian/ British-grecian silhouette with reference to imperial style.
    • Night – wide black cape with fiery-golden shine.
    • Time – classic suit of The God of Time contrasted against a white cape.
    • Sugar – white-blue silk dress, as a classic sugar cube wrapper.
    • Water – color of this dress can only be the color of time itself, translucent and ethereal. The dress is cut using modern grecian/ British-grecian silhouette but wider, airier.

And so we witness daily contest – Light conquers the Night only to be consumed by it later. Constant struggle between Light and Darkness. It’s always been and always will be until the end of days.

Catwalk during Ukrainian Fashion Week


Show director – Yevgeniy Timokhin
Style by Dina Silina
Atmospheric effects – Olya Markova
Soundtrack by Vadim Abramov
Official catwalk make-up – Maybelline New York
Catwalk during Ukrainian Fashion Week