fall-winter 12/13

Are you always absolutely sure what you see is real? Are you always convinced what you know is true? Our consciousness is always deluded by what it perceives. Illusions keep telling us what we are trying to see is not the world as it is but something entirely different.

There’s Light in a world – it’s a physical notion, and our perception and vision starts with the Light. But there is no Color in a physical world. Our mind entirely creates Color. Color is what our brain attributes to the world. Color is the special feature of the Light that proved its usefulness to tell water from the shore or to see and to define what we want to see. The new PODOLYAN F/W 2012-13 collection’s items are as illusory as the world that we live in and that surrounds us. You may call it a blouse… next moment it’s an elegant dress. And a raincoat may actually turn into an intricately tailored reversible jacket. You’ll think the piece is grey but it will become red or black at the end. Playing with Color, playing with Shapes, playing with Perception and Delusions. Let’s play this Fashion together.

Catwalk during Ukrainian Fashion Week