fall-winter 14/15


Refined, elegant and provocative collection PODOLYAN fall-winter 14/15 is created as a day and night wardrobe for a modern woman.

Designer Vladymyr Podolyan refuses from the common topic and finds inspiration in achromatic colours, quality fabrics and textures. The choice for the collection is made in favor of simple feminine, gently covering body and floating silhouettes created by combinations of textures of fabrics used in collection.

Underlined elegance is expressed in deep folds, drapery, big shuttlecocks and styled bows. Deep V-shaped neckline, high cut, tuxedo-dresses, open back and underlined asymmetrical elements in evening gowns are designed to provoking and seduce.

Rich cashmere and weightless silver half-transparent net-hauberk are gracefully combined with raincoat fabric with camouflage pattern and chic texture of a floating viscose of a deep black colour. Along with all this the cut and the shapes in collection are built on a basis of contrast between temperance and provocation. The volumes are balanced with the help of minimal usage of details and implements.

The colour palette serves as a key expressive touch of a collection, combining saturated shades of black in mild contrast with shades of grey, metallic textures and daring Alizarin red colour.

The image of a girl is refined, mysterious and provocatively sexual at the same time.


Creative Director Theo Dekan
Photo by Andrew Ivaskiv
Hair Theo Dekan
Makeup Julia Povkh
Model Maria Zubtsova

Catwalk during Ukrainian Fashion Week


Creative Director Theo Dekan
Runway show Director Yevgeniy Timokhin
Soundtrack by Vadim Abramov